Checking Your List…

Christmas is a few weeks away and you are probably wondering what to get that hunter in your life that seems to have everything. At the same time, you don’t want to spend a lot of cash. After all, money is tight for a lot of people this year and purchasing a new gun or bow is simply out of the question. Below are 10 items that would make any hunter happy on Christmas morning. All 10 items cost less than $100.

Alpen Spotting Scope

For starters, the Alpen 711 20×50 spotting scope is big on features, not on price. This compact spotting scope will bring whatever it is you’re looking at up close and personal. The spotting scope is 20 power so whether you are eyeing a buck in the back of a field from your truck or looking at a strutting gobbler at the end of a two track, the 711 will do the job. The spotting scope is waterproof, shock resistant and nitrogen-filled so it won’t fog up. It comes with a compact tripod and carrying case. The compact size of the 711 makes it small enough to carry in your pocket, your glove compartment or your backpack. To learn more about Alpen Optics, visit

Hips Archery Target

Anyone who needs a new archery target doesn’t need to save their paycheck to come up with enough cash to purchase one. Hips Targets offers several broadhead targets under $100 that offer six sides of shooting and easy arrow removal. Unlike other targets that are made of hundreds of thin horizontal layers that fall apart quickly, Hips Targets heat welds several layers of foam together horizontally. Once the welding process is complete, you have one large block of foam. Many of their targets weigh less than 15 pounds. The Stalker is one of my favorite targets. The target is 18x18x18, making it large enough to stop all of your arrows even if you miss your mark once in awhile. They have targets that are built like the Stalker, only smaller for less. They have one called the Kick-N-Shoot, meant to be kicked around and shot. For more information, visit


Almost every hunter has a few guns and everyone needs to clean their guns. Most gun oils are made of smelly corrosive materials that keep guns clean for a short time but often stink up the garage or basement for a long time. There is a new gun cleaning agent available called Gunzilla. Unlike other cleaning agents, it is 100 percent environmentally safe because it is made of plants! Testing shows that it keeps semi-automatic rifles, pistols, muzzeloaders and shotguns performing better, even in cold nasty weather, than other gun cleaners. If you get the stuff on your skin, clothes or carpet, it won’t stain or hurt your skin like corrosive cleaners. Deer will even eat the stuff. Gunzilla was developed for the Armed Forces who regularly have gun jamming issues in the harsh desert conditions and had skin problems caused by gun cleaners. To find out more about Gunzilla, visit


Deer hunters struggle with keeping their clothes and bodies odor free when hunting, which often spooks big game animals like whitetails and elk. Many hunters have a problem keeping their hunting clothes odor free when they’re not wearing them. Deer end up smelling gas, food and other foreign odors on your clothes. A new product called ScenTote is now available. It was designed for storing your clothes and keeping them odor free. ScenTotes come with a scent-proof zipper that keeps odors out and an activated carbon web on the inside to adsorb odors off your clothes. ScenTotes are available in a hard tote designed to be kept on the back of an ATV or in a truck bed. They also have soft totes that come on wheels. These are perfect for hunters who are flying to their destination. My favorite products are the Boot Tote – designed to hold a pair of hunting boots – and the Field Bag which is a large bag that you can transport your hunting clothes in. To find out more about ScenTote, visit

Carnivore Clamp

If you hunt from a treestand regularly, you have probably had issues with not having enough cover to break up your outline in the tree. Either the tree doesn’t have enough branches near your stand or the tree you are in doesn’t have any branches at all. There is a new product on the market called the Carnivore Clamp that is an easy-to-operate clamp that clamps onto the base of your treestand. The clamp has two branch holders that can hold small branches. The branches are put in the holders and there are small knobs on the clamp that allow you to tighten the branches in place so they can’t fall out. I recently tried one of these clamps and they work great. I clamped it on my treestand platform, put a couple branches in it, and suddenly I had a lot of cover in front of me to help keep me concealed. It only takes a second to attach the clamp to the stand. To find out more about the Carnivore Branch Clamp, visit

Blacks Creek Pack

Whether you are hunting for whitetails or turkeys, you probably bring lots of equipment with you. Calls, an extra coat and a GPS are just a few of them items that will be difficult to fit into your pockets. The Whitetail Backpack from Blacks Creek Guide Gear solves your problem. This pack looks and feels small but actually has 1,000 inches of storage space. It has pockets for your water bottle, knife, flashlight and a padded pocket for a range finder or camera. It has a large pouch that can carry anything from clothes to your lunch. The pack has adjustable straps and will fit almost anyone. It only weighs 3.1 pounds. To learn more about Blacks Creek Guide Gear, visit

Cajun Bowfishing Kit

Bowfishing is a sport almost everyone can participate in. I have written about the subject for this magazine. The cool thing about bowfishing is there are always lots of carp and gar pike to shoot at, regardless of where you live. Getting started is inexpensive. There are several bowfishing kits on the market. Cajun Archery makes one that includes the reel, the arrow and the tip. The only thing you need to purchase is an inexpensive bow from a garage sale. Discover more about Cajun Archery at

Hunter Safety System

Treestand Safety is very important. If you are introducing a youngster to the sport, they need a full-body safety harness like you do. Hunter Safety Systems offers safety harnesses for adults and youth hunters. Their Lil’ Tree Stalker is perfect for the young hunter you hunt with. It is designed to accommodate hunters between 50-120 pounds. It offers a wide range of adjustments so youth hunters can wear it for several years as they grow. Like all Hunter Safety System Harnesses, the Lil’ Tree Stalker is easy to put on. The snap buckles make securing the vest easy for hunters of all ages. To learn more about Hunter Safety System, visit

Norway String Tamer

I recently discussed in another article the importance of reducing bow noise and vibration. Two of the products I mentioned in the article are perfect stocking stuffers for any bowhunter. The String Tamer from Norway Industries can be attached to almost any compound bow on the market. It greatly reduces string slap and bow vibration. A String Tamer can be screwed onto a bow in about ten seconds and will make a world of difference. String Tamers come in a variety of sizes. Find out more about Norway Industries and

In that article, I also discussed the importance of using a stabilizer. Doinker Stabilizers will fit nicely into anyone’s stocking. There are a variety of models to choose from. One of the best models for the price is the 4-inch Chubby Stabilizer. It offers all of the vibration-destroying characteristics of the larger Doinker Stabilizers – it’s just shorter and costs less. To learn more about Doinker, visit

Wilderness Athlete Buck Fever Reliever

Buck Fever is something all big game hunters suffer from in one form or another. Wilderness Athlete, a company known for making high-quality nutritional products, now offers a drink that will calm your nerves and help you focus at the moment of truth. The product is called Buck Fever Reliever. Buck Fever Reliever is scientifically formulated and will reduce the shakes while keeping hunters alert. It provides increased energy without causing the jitters like other drinks are known to do. In addition to allowing hunters to focus at the moment of truth, it provides vitamins and minerals to help hunters continue going strong. One 2-ounce bottle will keep you focused and alert for up to 4 hours. The small bottle will easily fit in your pocket. To find out more about Wilderness Athlete, visit

As you can see even on a tough budget, you can make every hunter you know happy on Christmas morning.