The Bow Zone

In search of more hunting opportunities more hunters are picking up crossbows. Crossbows are bridging the gap between archers and gun hunters. Additionally they have opened up great opportunities for youth hunters to step into the world of archery.

Both Michigan and Ohio are very unique states where hunting runs deep into many peoples heritage. They contrast when it comes to crossbow hunting. Ohio has the longest standing crossbow legalization and Michigan most recently legalized crossbow hunting. After some initial tribulation in Michigan, crossbows are being accepted into hunting styles.

Hunting and working closely in both Michigan and Ohio, I have seen firsthand the positive impacts of crossbow hunting. In the past year there have been some very nice crossbow enhancements. So let’s jump right into what is new for 2011.

Parker Concord

The new Parker Concord Crossbow is the most innovative crossbow I have seen in the past several years. This crossbow overcomes the problems of cocking a heavy pulling crossbow. This caters greatly to youth hunters, hunters with back problems or anyone with difficulty cocking a crossbow. It is as simple as pushing a button, simply effortless operation.

A second shot just became possible; actually it is possible to take 3 shots in 30 seconds. The safety of cocking and un-cocking within your treestand just became possible. Cocking is conveniently handled through a refillable 9 oz CO2 bottle. One CO2 bottle equals 40 shots and can be refilled for dollars. Combine these features with a high performance crossbow firing bolts at 300 fps and you have a winner. This whisper quiet crossbow is made in America and carries a limited lifetime warranty

Darton Serpent LTD II

The Darton Serpent LTD II Crossbow is a hunting machine. Shooting accurately becomes easier with an improved trigger design set at a 3 lb pull. This crossbow practically comes out of the box sighted in. The stock has been redesigned making it 1 lb lighter in weight than prior models. The parallel limb design offers a very quiet shot. You have to hear it to believe it!

The arrow retention string holds the arrow tight during hunting and ensures there is no dry fire. The front grip has a lip to protect your fingers from touching the string during firing. The pistol grip makes this a comfortable crossbow to shoot. There is not a lot of shock and it balances nicely in my hands. They have made this one of the easiest cocking crossbows on the market. Many hunters do not even use the cocking aid. This is a deadly weapon that will put more deer down this season.

Wicked Ridge Invader

Wicked Ridge, a company of TenPoint, is known for high quality crossbows. The Invader package is ready to shoot from the store straight to the woods. The scope is already bore sighted from the factory which is a big advantage. At this price point the features are overflowing. The comfortable grip falls easily into my shoulder. I appreciate the reliable bow that is assembled nicely.

This produces devastating speeds of 305 fps which is plenty to reach out and touch. It is simply dead-on; accurate and deadly. Cocking is made simple with Wicked Ridge’s patented ACU-52. This is integrated into the bow to be a self retracting rope that reduces the pull by 52%. You will enjoy the accuracy and speed combined at a reasonable price.

Winchester Stallion

New to the archery world is Winchester Archery. Hunters and shooters across the world know that Winchester has produced top quality guns and ammunition since 1866. The archery world is a natural extension to the high quality products they have already produced in other facets.

The Stallion carries forward a lightweight stock that is very appealing to hold and shoot. Winchester Firearms have great triggers; this is often a pain point among many crossbow shooters. This silky smooth trigger is carried forward into their crossbow line. The crossbow has an anti-dry firing technology. They are quiet, including dual string dampeners and a unique stock design. A majority of metal parts are aluminum and all fasteners are built from stainless steel. Winchester is riding into the crossbow world.

Horton Bone Collector

Brought on by popular demand is the Horton Bone Collector Crossbow. This is a precision diecast riser and aluminum barrel. The cocking is easy with 55% let-off cams. The stock is comfortable with a thumbhole grip that was ergonomically designed.

The recoiled pad on the rear can be adjusted for different lengths from 13″ to 14″, and there is also a cheek rest to give this crossbow a rifle feel. This crossbow shoots as nice as it looks, with perfect accuracy and speeds up to 320 fps. These speeds punch holes even at longer distances. This package comes together with a multi range 4 x 32 scope, arrows, and quiver.

PSE Reaper

It is in the name “The Reaper.” The molded stock comes with a thumbhole grip for a solid feel. The split limb design provides 86 foot pounds of kinetic energy with the Charger Bolt and 100 grain arrow. These are fitted to shoot perfectly from the Reaper. For added safety there is a two point bolt locking system, an ambidextrous trigger guard, and arrow hold down. Also upon cocking the safety automatically engages. This crossbow comes in a package with either a 4×32 scope or the Viper Red DOT Scope. Additionally are four 20 inch bolts, quiver, and a cocking strap. You buy and hunt in the same day.

Stryker StrykeZone 380

The name says it all; StrykeZone 380. This crossbow is bad to the bone throwing bolts at a blazing 380 fps. There is no jumping the string when you have this crossbow in your hands. The trigger pull weight is under 3 lbs, offering the surprise shooting that is needed.

Every time the crossbow is cocked a secondary safety is turned on. This ensures safe release of the crossbow. The string and cables are combined with precision-engineered cams. A special molded stock and aluminum barrel keep the overall weight below 7 lbs. This is a deadly shooting crossbow that reaches some blistering speeds!

Excalibur Axiom SMF

The Excalibur Axiom SMF is a fine crafted crossbow. This company is known to produce some deadly accurate crossbows and the Axiom SMF holds true to their reputation. Excalibur is a company that prides itself on recurve limbs to provide the power to put down any North America big game. This design has helped them produce some bows with an overall weight that is lighter than most. This one weighs in at a mere 5.8 lbs.

This crossbow was designed with a moderate price to help those transitioning into crossbow easier. But don’t let the price fool you, it’s a hunting machine. This only comes with a kit including a rope cocking aid, quiver, and 4 bolt arrows. It is true, you can get it all, a great quality product with a company that stands behind their products.