Shane Polly of Taylor got hooked on deer hunting when his dad first took him at seven years old, taking his first deer at age 12 with a bow and his first buck at 15. Hunting in Jackson Co. his family practices QDM; through their efforts along with the neighboring property owners, buck hunting as been terrific.

On opening day of this year’s firearm season it was quiet where Shane was hunting until 8:30 when he saw the same old doe with her three little ones walk in from the corn and head off through the thicket, same as any other day. About 20 minutes later a 7-point that usually roams the area came through checking scrapes and caught wind of Shane’s Code Blue scent bombs, luring him in to check it out. The buck freshened his scrapes and walked off.

The hunting slowed for awhile. Around 11 a.m. some deer came crashing through the corn, stopping a about ten rows in, but Shane couldn’t tell what they were. It didn’t matter, they bolted towards his brother’s stand and Shane notified him they were coming. He replied with “Here he comes!” Shane waited and looked that way waiting for a shot and he never showed. Ten minutes later he looked out in a cut bean field to the east and that’s the first time he saw this monster and he was right on a doe chasing. Shane knew he was a shooter. He watched him cross back into the fence row by the corn, make a couple leaps and his rack looked huge even at 250 yards. Shane’s heart was thumping!

Ten minutes later Shane picked him up walking by himself in the bean field. He quickly hit his doe bleat twice; the second time the buck stopped took a quick look, dropped his head and picked up the pace. Shane knew he was coming and readied his 12 gauge. A long 10 minutes later he heard a crash in the corn about 80 yards out and there he stood, directly downwind, lip curling, and as soon as the buck threw his ears forward, ready to bolt, Shane had the crosshair in place and dropped the monster at the spot.

What an awesome day, what an awesome buck, 15-points, 18 1/2′ inside spread and green scored 178. Shane also took an excellent 8-point early in the bow season, which he claims was one of his most exciting hunts. He had to sit perfectly still while this buck along with a doe and her fawns bedded down for the day 60 yards away. After 3 ½ hours the doe and fawns got up, Shane hit his grunt call, the big buck jumped up and charged at Shane who was at full draw. After this season Shane feels very blessed!