Battle Creek, Michigan has a brand new casino located on the southern border of the Interstate-94 freeway. Within a couple of miles of this gambling hall a young archer hit the bowhunting jackpot when he arrowed a large 10-point buck. This young man is appropriately named “Hunter” and is only 14 years old.

On November 6, 2009 the night before his birthday, Hunter Mathie received an early gift when a large 13-point entered his life.

Hunter ended up sitting on a log that night, because he had spooked a little buck while in route to his stand and he didn’t want to further disturb the area. Mathie says, “About 45 minutes before dark, I heard something crashing through the woods. A big buck that looked like a 10-pointer came running through but went into the neighbor’s woods before I could shoot. About five minutes before dark I heard yet another commotion in the same woods. I saw a huge buck 60 yards away. I thought to myself, I am going to stand up and draw when the buck goes behind a big oak tree.”

When the buck stepped out from behind the tree, Hunter took the shot. He later discovered that he made a 48 yard shot. The deer fell within sight and Mathie called out to his hunting partner David Liscomb and together they went to the downed trophy.

The boys found a tall, tined 13-point buck with a 20 inch spread. The buck later measured 164 1/8 gross Pope and Young points and 160 ½ net P&Y points.

Two adults that know the young man both commented that Hunter is very passionate about hunting and practices shooting all the time. Hunter’s father states that his son apologized for taking a 48 yard shot even though the results were fantastic. A moral compass is a great trait to possess.

Mathie wrestles for Marshall High School and the team has high hopes since many of the guys were also on the State Championship football team. This winter Hunter wants to trap coyotes and when asked he said that his dream hunt would be taking a moose with his bow. With a lifetime in front of him he has a great chance of achieving this feat as well.