Scott Kerr of Lincoln Park has been practicing QDM on a piece of land he leases near Hillsdale and he believes it’s been paying off. On Nov. 15 he harvested a huge 15 point buck that dressed out at over 240 pounds. Unofficially the buck may score in the 170s to 180s with Boone and Crockett scoring.

While bowhunting Nov. 14 Scott watched this monster buck come out into a bean field checking for does. He even saw this buck chase a nice 10 point completely out of the field. With the location of the bedding areas on this property Scott knew he had to move his stand for the firearm opener the next morning, and he also knew his wife wouldn’t be too happy about dragging her out in the dark to move his treestand rather than going out for dinner!

The next morning Scott was surprised he’d only seen two does during the morning hunt and headed to the cabin for a breakfast/lunch. After a quick meal he informed his wife he was heading back to his stand for the rest of the day, which turned out to be the right thing to do.

Somewhere around 3 p.m. Scott picked out legs moving through the woods. At about 50 yards he placed his scope on the deer and saw it was a very nice buck. At the first opening he took the shot and missed completely. Both the hunter and the buck were confused, but Scott recovered quicker, as the buck, confused by the echo of the shot, didn’t bust and the second shot dropped the trophy right in his tracks.

As Scott climbed down and approached the monster he couldn’t believe it; a huge bodied buck with a rack to match. It took him three or four times to count the 15 scoreable points correctly.