MDNR responses to Camp Grayling expansion reports


July 01, 2014

Bill O’Neill, Chief, MDNR Forest Resources Division recently released the following information in response to questions and concerns regarding recent reports of a proposed land transaction involving state forest land near Camp Grayling.

• The Department of Natural Resources was recently approached by the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) to discuss training-area needs and the potential for expanding the Camp Grayling Management Agreement lands.

• The DNR agreed to perform an informal feasibility assessment for the DMVA, which will help to assist it in deciding whether it would be interested in submitting a formal application. The DMVA requested up to an additional 54,000 acres to be located in proximity to the existing Camp Grayling for infantry encampment and light training.

• The DNR generated maps to identify lands that are located adjacent to the existing camp that are currently not under any type of military agreement to facilitate feasibility scoping. The maps do not illustrate any finalized plans for DMVA use of state-managed land.

• The DMVA and DNR plan to meet again in Grayling this month to discuss the feasibility of a potential expansion of the management agreement. The DNR expects DMVA to make a determination by July as to whether it will formally submit an application proposal for expansion.

• Any potential future management agreement between the DMVA and DNR would continue to protect the natural resources and recreational values of the area.

• At this time, no formal proposal has been made and no decision has been made regarding lands that could potentially be included in a proposed expansion of the management agreement.

• When an application has been submitted, the public will be notified and the DNR will conduct an extensive public review process.

More information, including a fact sheet, is available on the DNR website at

Questions on this topic may be directed to DNR Public Information Officer Ed Golder at 517-284-5815 or forest land administrator Kerry Wieber at 989-275-5151, ext. 2908.