A Woods-N-Water News, celebration of Michigan’s outdoor heritage


September 01, 2017

I like familiar places and things, I like to stay familiar…if you know what I mean. This, I know, doesn’t happen.

Although it’s a little early to notice the darkness falling a little earlier on us in the evenings, our mornings seem to be getting just a touch cooler. Of course you know what’s coming. I can imagine it and for me, those are sure signs that fall is just around the corner and so is the season of harvest. A time to reflect on our family, our outdoor heritage, a time to celebrate it and preserve it.

It’s a change I’ve always looked forward to.


Quality vendors is what makes the Woods-N-Water News Outdoor Weekend a success. This year expect to see about 240 vendors!

It’s time to nock an arrow and prepare for the fall archery season. Thoughts of bruiser buck’s walking into my shooting lane are more frequent now.

Going on 31 years now, I’ve found myself at the Eastern Michigan State Fairgrounds in Imlay City the weekend after Labor Day.

For just as long, I’ve been writing a column very similar to this one about the Outdoor Weekend. (You’ll notice in the center of this issue a special section about the Outdoor Weekend.)

We’ll soon be putting up fences to lay out the fairgrounds for the Woods-N-Water News Outdoor Weekend. This is our 31st straight year, at the same place, and on the same weekend.

For most of those years Tom Campbell, my business partner and brother-in-law, has been there too. Thank goodness that hasn’t changed. Tom has been the key to our success. He keeps track of details I’m apt to let slide.

My son Keil has also worked hard to earn a spot on the same stage as his Uncle Tom. He helps carry out some of the plans Tom has laid in place. Woods-N-Water News and the Outdoor Weekend is better because of them both.

This year’s dates of the Outdoor Weekend are September 8th, 9th and 10th. Same place, same times.

The layout will be much like it was last year, the Air-Dogs will be on the north end of the fairgrounds closer to Rotary’s Refreshment Tent. Which allows us to expand the exhibitor tent on the south end of the display area. We will have over 240 exhibitors for you to see and chat with. And this is a selling show, so expect to get some real bargains.

The fairgrounds has expanded its parking by a few acres, so finding a spot to park will be easier.

Some things just don’t change and we wouldn’t want to change them anyway. The annual Outdoor Weekend just wouldn’t be the same without many outdoor personalities, chili cook-off contest, seminars, dog training, deer processing, ATVs, boats, bows, treestands and lots to see and do.

Of course the other things you can count on that have not changed are the Puppy Tent, frontier encampment, Civil War reenactors, wild animal display, activities for youth, great food and drink.

So it’s the same place (Eastern Michigan State Fairgrounds, Imlay City) at the same times (Friday, Sept.8th, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 9th, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 10th, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and same price of $8 with kids under 12 are free.

I hope you get a chance to visit this year’s Outdoor Weekend, we’ve changed it just enough to make it even better.

The only other changes I plan to make will be from the semi-comfort of my treestand, looking to bag a big old whitetail, and if I don’t…..well like I said, some things just don’t change at all.

For more information about the Outdoor Weekend visit: www.outdoorweekend.net or call 810-724-0254.