Encouraging you to apply for grants relating to the outdoor education and participation sports

When you think of our Woods-N-Water News, most likely you think of monster whitetail bucks you see on our covers or hopefully the many interesting and helpful articles inside.

With that thought in mind, when you think of the Woods-N-Water News, we would like to introduce the thought of our Outdoor Foundation.

In the mid-’90s, working in cooperation with Arctic Cat, we were able to offer an Arctic Cat ATV for live auction at the Outdoor Weekend. During one of our Outdoor Weekend organizational meetings, Tom Campbell (Editor, Business Manager, and partner in this publication) said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could use the money we raised from the auction to help promote the outdoors?”

Of course it would and why not?

So thanks to Tom’s thoughtfulness, Arctic Cat’s and many others generosity, the Woods-N-Water News Outdoor Foundation was developed and has been used for a variety of needy outdoor projects.

We enlisted the help of Janet Bauer, President/CEO of Four County Community Foundation, which accepts the grant proposals and is the administrator of the fund for us. There is a strict list of procedures we must follow. Four County Community Foundation, with a home office in nearby Almont, offers a deep and longstanding tradition in philanthropy. The Foundation is dedicated to bringing together human and financial resources to support progressive ideas in charitable work. You are welcome to visit their website at www.4ccf.org.

“The creation of this fund has helped support organizations dedicated to promoting the outdoors,” Janet Bauer said.

“This Foundation will benefit individuals and outdoor organizations for a long time to come. I hope individuals and businesses who love the outdoors will also join the Woods-N-Water News in donating to this fund,” Janet went on to say.

We encourage you to apply for grants relating to the outdoor fishing and hunting sports. And we are excited we have the fine people of Four County Community Foundation to help us and advise us in our goals of helping charitable organizations in Michigan.

Over the years, the Outdoor Foundation has funded many quality and wonderful projects.

Once a proposal is received, there are six specific general policies and considerations that the Outdoor Foundation’s Grant Review committee to look at:

1) The Outdoor Foundation provides grants to groups, clubs and individuals through designated nonprofit organizations and programs operating in the state of Michigan.

2) Grants will be made to support progressive ideas that benefit or enhance the outdoors and outdoor opportunities; in particular hunting, fishing and the shooting sports.

3) The Outdoor Foundation gives priority to projects that encourage outdoor education, participation by youth and the physically challenged.

4) Grants are normally made for one year.

5) Grants will not normally be made for operating budgets.

6) Projects which facilitate cooperation and collaboration between organizations are encouraged.

Readers and fellow outdoor businesses are encouraged to join forces with us to help promote outdoor projects. Of course federal charitable tax deductions are available.

So please join us in our efforts to create an even stronger foundation which can have a positive impact on our outdoor community. If you have any questions about our grant policies and procedures or whether your project fits within our current policies please contact the Woods-N-Water News’ office at 810-724-0254 or visit our web page at www.woods-n-waternews.com.

All checks are to be made out to Four County Community Foundation, noting that it is intended for the Woods-N-Water News’ Outdoor Foundation, c/o Woods-N-Water News, 594 North Almont Avenue, Imlay City, Michigan, 48444.

Woods-N-Water News Outdoor Foundation operates without discrimination as to age, race, religion, sex, handicap, or national origin in the consideration of grant requests.