Recently, a gray wolf was shot in Luce County Michigan. Since then, this has been the topic of conversation throughout this area. As a matter of fact, the issue came up at the recent U.P. Sportsmen’s Alliance meeting in Gwinn. At the meeting, DNR Wildlife Biologist Terry Minzey noted, “I do not have a full report, at this time. But, what I do know is that no charges were filed.”
In addition, reports have had the incident occurring in both Engadine and Newberry, with variations of exactly how and what happened. However, the DNR recently released a report that stated, “On August 2nd, 2019 Michigan Department of Natural Resources conservation officers investigated a report of a wolf attack on a dog in Luce County, near Newberry.
The investigation revealed that the dog’s owner heard a commotion in his yard shortly after letting his dog outside. When he looked out the window, he observed a wolf carrying his dog off into the woods. The owner grabbed a firearm and chased after the wolf as it went back into the woods. When he caught up with the wolf, he could partially see the wolf behind a stump as it mauled his dog in heavy cover. He fired one round in the direction of the wolf, which caused the wolf to drop the dog. The owner stated that the wolf then turned towards him and began to approach, at which time he fired a second round at the wolf, after it closed to within approximately 15 yards. The wolf ran off, the man retrieved his dog and immediately reported the attack to the authorities.
The wolf was located a short time later by the responding officers and dispatched due to the severity of its injuries. The dog suffered puncture wounds to the neck and hindquarters but survived. It is believed the dog’s heavy collar saved it from worse injury.
Under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, gray wolves are protected and may only be killed legally in defense of human life. The incident was reviewed by the Luce County Prosecutor and it was determined there was no violation based upon the defense of human life aspect of the case.
Since this was released, I have gotten unconfirmed reports that the dog in question was “chewed up badly.” But, is recovering. Also, there was another report that another dog belonging to the same person went missing just before this incident and still has not been found.
At this time, no other comments have been forthcoming. But, as noted, the killing of this wolf has been a big topic in this area. However, this official statement will hopefully lay to rest the various stories surrounding this incident.