Marty LaBean
Hillsdale Co.

Marty LaBean had been watching the buck he harvested along with a bigger buck on spypoint for awhile. Marty was in his box blind with his downwind window closed, not expecting to see deer directly downwind. It wasn’t long, and Marty heard a soft grunt, and he quickly responded by hitting his grunt call twice. And exactly what isn’t supposed to happen happens, there’s a doe standing outside his closed downwind window. Marty slowly and carefully slides the window open in hopes a buck might be following the doe. Sure enough, this beast of a buck walks in. Marty wasn’t prepared and didn’t expect a buck coming from this direction. As he shoulders his crossbow, he felt something was wrong. As he looked down his crossbow, if he pulled the trigger, I would’ve hit the window sill. Now the giant buck is staring right at him, and Marty is disgusted. Luckily, the doe drew the record book buck’s attention, and Marty got the chance to readjust his crossbow and take the 25-yard shot. The buck didn’t go 25 yards. Marty’s Hillsdale Co. 12-point buck weighed nearly 200 pounds, and green scored in the 160s. Marty felt so blessed to take this buck. A few years back, his girlfriend took a big buck of the same property, and it was featured on the cover of Woods-N-Water News.