Lt-rt: Roger Sampier II, Roger Sampier III and Todd Paterson pose with 80-inch sturgeon caught by young Roger in the St. Clair River Oct. 12. Boat Captain Anthony Moreschini photo


Nine-year-old Roger Sampier III of Carsonville went on the fishing experience of a lifetime. Knowing Roger’s love of fishing, his aunt Ashley Paterson and uncle Todd Paterson scheduled him a sturgeon fishing trip for Christmas last year. On October 12, Roger, his Uncle Todd, and his dad, Roger, headed out on the St. Clair River with Captain Anthony Moreschini with Finn’s Sport Fishing, and young Roger was the first to have one on the line. A lengthy battle ensued, with lots of help from Dad and his uncle having to hold onto young Roger and the pole, especially when the monster fish jumped out of the water! He finally brought in this 80-inch-long sturgeon with a 36-inch girth that took all three men to bring it into the boat. After some measurements and quick pictures, they carefully released the big fish back into the river. Roger was a bit disappointed to see it go after all of that work but it is a memory of a lifetime. He was happy to find out that he would get a replica mount of his fish. He also came out of this experience with some blistered hands because he was not letting go of that pole for anything but said it was worth it. They did continue to fish and caught two more, but they were nothing compared to young Roger’s great catch. Thanks to their captain’s great work, they will all have some great stories and memories of this eventful night.