Joe Koblinski with his record book Van Buren County 13-point taken Nov. 23.

The 2021 hunting season arrived, and Joe Koblinski was hoping for the best. Joe is a big outdoors person as is his wonderful family. His wife, Nikki, had incredibly shot a state record 14-point for the woman’s CBM category, which scored 179 5/8 inches in 2010. So big bucks are in the family’s blood!

The season started fantastic as Joe took a terrific 10-point with his bow at 52 yards. That deer scored in the 150s. With Joe’s combo four-or-more points tag filled, he was confident of filling the freezer with whatever opportunity presented itself!

The night of Nov. 23, Joe was hunting in Van Buren County. The evening was nice and quiet, but nothing seemed to be moving when suddenly he noticed a buck step into the field and start tending a scrape. The buck was around 100 yards, and Joe noticed the incredible size of the tines and got ready! Joe was using a custom 20-gauge shotgun, and at 94 yards, he squeezed the trigger. The shot was perfect, and the buck dropped in its tracks.

Joe knew he had shot a very nice buck but did not completely know how big until he got closer. Joe stopped short of the buck, amazed that the buck’s head would not lay on the ground because his rack was so wide! The enjoyment began, and Joe could not have been any happier with this true Michigan giant!

The buck has seven-points on his right and six on his left. The typical mainframe was ten points and scored 171 4/8 inch net with a green score of 175 6/8. It has 24-inch main beams and 12-inch G3s on both sides! His inside spread was 19 3/4 inches, and the outside was 22 1/4 inches. The buck carried the mass of his base through to his G3s at 5 inches on both sides.

Congratulations Joe, on a terrific Michigan whitetail and season!

Author is Wade Bartholomew, Pro Staff Michigan Deer Camps.