Dick Fisher putting the finishing touches on the wooden boat he reconditioned and donated to the Outdoor Foundation.

Our Woods-N-Water News Outdoor Foundation is closing in on 25 years since our first grant. We’re very proud of the financial help we have been able to offer our youth, the disabled, our veterans, clubs and organizations involved with the outdoors.

Over the last couple of decades we’ve provided fishing equipment, docks, freezers, wild game, archery and firearm equipment, ammunition, safety education, food-plots, and assisted youth oriented clubs repair roofs or install classrooms. And as proud as we are in our grants, we couldn’t have done it without the help of many fine like-minded folks and businesses.

In order to keep the Foundation healthy we must raise funds. Our Woods-N-Water News Outdoor Weekend has been the catalyst to raise the dollars to sustain the mission of supporting outdoor projects in Michigan. But we have also gotten tremendous help from individuals and organizations.

Dick Fisher is one of those individuals who has graciously helped.

Dick is a respected painter and contractor in Imlay City and pretty darn handy with a brush, saw and hammer.

Dick told me, “I’d like to help your foundation.”

He made good use of his skills and put countless hours into bringing a 1956, 14 foot (Clyde, made in Detroit) wooden boat back to life. It was sitting in a barn, covered in dust and long forgotten. Dick contacted us with the idea of refinishing and generously donating it to our Foundation.

“It’s something I always wanted to do and thought the Outdoor Foundation could put the money to good use,” Dick told me.

The finished product was absolutely gorgeous. He replaced or reconditioned, caulked, sealed, sanded and varnished day after day. We couldn’t thank him more for his efforts.

Jim Adams of Freeway Sports Center in Fenton has been a longtime contributor to the Outdoor Foundation. Jim and his company have provided us with duck hunts and fishing trips in the past. This time he provided a new trailer and new motor.

After a short chat with Ken Day and Captain Ray Boswell they offered to sweeten the online auction with a one night stay, meals and fishing trip for four.

There are not too many places you can catch fish in the morning and eat them in the afternoon. But in Grindstone, thanks to Ken, wife Debbie and daughter Libby this long-standing Grindstone Harbour tradition is alive and well. They own and operate “Days on the Lake” featuring fantastic meals and clean, cozy fishing cabins.

Captain Ray Boswell and his boat “Fish Stix” offered a great morning of fishing. Captain Ray and his son, Beau, will do everything in their power to persuade lake trout, salmon or walleye to bite.

Another thank you must be extended to Rowley Auctions. They held and made possible our first ever online auction, which raised several thousand dollars for the Outdoor Foundation from this promotion. We encourage you to keep an eye on their services, based in Attica. (Visit their site at: www.rowleyauctions.com)

The Foundation provides grants to groups, clubs and individuals through designated nonprofit organizations and programs operating in the state of Michigan.

Grants will be made to support progressive ideas that benefit or enhance the outdoors and outdoor opportunities; in particular hunting, fishing, and the shooting sports. The Foundation gives priority to projects that encourage outdoor education, participation by youth and the physically challenged.

For information on how you can get a grant application, donate or participate visit our website; www.woods-n-waternews.com or call 810-724-0254.