4xGMPR-TC HRCH UH Frogvilles Black Ice Kodiak MH x 1.5xGMPR HR Fritz’s Bad Motor Scooter. DEPOSITS AVAILABLE – Call or Text 734-558-1561. This pairing brings together some of the best Chocolate lines in the Pointing Lab world. Intelligent, Driven, Stylish and a great off switch! These dogs will be capable of handling anything you throw at them from the duck blind, to the upland, hunt tests and other dog sports. Kody is 70 pounds of muscle, broad headed, intelligent, high driving bird finding machine. He has an awesome personality and as good an on/off switch as any. He runs hunt tests and hunts with a ton of style. Great nose and point, and a lot of fun to watch. Kody could handle any hunt test or trial venue you might want to pursue, or be your duck blind partner and pheasant dog. Ryder is 56 pounds of fire. She is full of personality and a pleasure around the house, but she’s always ready to work. Ryder attacks the upland fields with intensity and determination. Proven from Pheasant Country of SoDak to Northern MI Grouse Woods. Ryder is great in the competition fields as well, winning or placing in multiple Bird Dog Challenges. She also pulls duty in the Duck Blind a few times each season. She has seen success in both HRC and APLA Hunt Test and plans to continue that journey to earn 4xGMPR and HRCH! D-4-2